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SJ Taco Time: Reflections

18 Dec

This blog started as an assignment for my Online Journalism class. When I picked a topic, Mexican food in South Jersey, I was familiar with it but over the course of the semester I have learned so much more about Mexican food and culture. I’ve sampled Tex-Mex, classic Mexican food, several gallons of horchata, a few quarts of salsa and mole sauce.

Through visiting restaurants, talking with chefs, friends, and servers I’ve learned that Mexican food is all about feeling at home. It’s about expressing yourself with materials as simple as beans you made yourself or horchata that you prepared for your guests. It is both humble and complex (if you don’t believe me try to make a mole sauce like Plaza Garibaldi).

The focus of this blog is Mexican restaurants but the most popular entries were about cooking at home. A few of my greatest hits:

Making Horchata

Mexican Food In Your Kitchen

Shopping At the Collingswood Farmer’s Market

More than just Tacos at The Tortilla Press in Collingswood

SJ Taco Time Mexican Restaurant Map (newly updated!)

This has been a wonderful learning experience.